Tayt Rule

Tayt Rule

VP of Partner Operations

Growing up on a farm in Wisconsin and having Grandparents who founded a real-estate company, Tayt was taught the importance of rolling up his sleeves and working hard to make his own way. Growing up, it felt natural to step up and serve where he found himself in various leadership roles in both sports & business. In High School, he won the Wisconsin State Entrepreneur Competition in the DECA business organization which further helped direct his education and career aspirations.

Tayt graduated from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire where he attended one of the first Entrepreneur schools in the country. His Entrepreneur & Business Administration degrees helped fuel his passion in entrepreneurship, operations and leadership where Tayt went on to lead in ever-increasing operational roles for Kraft Foods, M&M Mars, Target & Amazon along with founding a High-End Audio Video company in California over his 19 Year Career.

Throughout his career tenure, Tayt helped every team he lead generate record operational performances through his highly-engaging, visionary leadership style along with his radical candor with talent and overall risk-taking instincts. In one example of his leadership style, one of his teams shattered a 20-year- old production record at M&M Mars and he brought in a 145-person marching band on to the production floor to celebrate. These types of moments are not unique to Tayt as he believes “how you make people feel” is paramount to any successful culture. In his last role prior to Wasson Enterprise, Tayt lead a team of over 5000 associates virtually, with over 400 leaders for Amazon Customer Service where they ranked as the highest engaged team in the World during his tenure while achieving the lowest cost in the history of the virtual team.

Tayt plays many roles for Wasson Enterprise as the VP of Partner Operations. He is the COO for New Ventures in a Joint Venture Partnership with Innventure with his main focus on operations for New Co startups. The first of which is Purecycle Technologies which is a licensed, disruptive plastic technology which will revolutionize how polypropylene is recycled to near “virgin-like” resin and help clean up the planet. A first in the history of the industry.