Meeting the future with Clean + Efficient Energy Innovation

By Wasson Enterprise on August 12, 2016

Clean Tech should be at the forefront of our minds, there is a rising need worldwide for clean tech solutions. At Wasson Enterprise, we are very passionate about investing in companies that are innovating in the clean tech space – specifically focusing on renewable energy.

It’s time to innovate for the future – and Wasson Enterprise is ready to hear your ideas.

Innovators everywhere are exploring new ways to create and harness clean energy to make life better, support a sustainable planet, and efficiently supply energy needs around the world. Wasson Enterprise is excited about the endless possibilities innovation can bring. We’re looking to the future and how WE can support and contribute to a cleaner environment that still offers efficient energy production—such as sustainable transportation, energy productivity, solar, wind and renewable electricity.

With that in mind, Wasson Enterprise invites inquiries from energetic entrepreneurs who are developing solutions to a worldwide need for clean and efficient energy innovation.

Wasson Enterprise’s in-house experts leading our organization’s Clean + Efficient Energy Innovation pillar are Mike Lingle and Michael Conaboy.

Check out our next blog entry to find out more about WE’s investment strategies. Please email inquiries to, and we’ll get right back to you