Innovative Customer and Shopping Solutions: Trend-watching to reduce consumer friction

By Wasson Enterprise on June 12, 2016

Over the last decade, consumers have changed. They expect different service levels from brands. They expect a conversation with brands. And—most importantly—they have become accustomed to the services they want being on-demand. But despite this expectation, what’s surprising is that so much friction still exists for consumers. That’s where WE come in.

Wasson Enterprise is focused on helping companies identify a consumer need within industries struggling to reduce and remove that friction. The savvy start-up yearns to cater to these demands, but that can be a huge challenge. Integrating and harmonizing brick and mortar and digital is a smart path to tread. WE are here to help.

One of our pillars is Innovative Customer and Shopping Solutions—where companies are innovating on behalf of the consumer. Our team has a passion for the solutions being developed in this space and would like to meet with companies that share the same excitement and determination to make the consumer experience friction-free. This pillar is led by our in-house experts for defining products and services: Lindsay Lingle, VP of marketing and operations, and Kathryn Traut, director of marketing.

Check out our next blog entry to find out about another of WE’s pillars of investment. Please email inquiries to, and we’ll get right back to you.