Future of Healthcare – Increase Shared Decision Making

By Wasson Enterprise on March 15, 2017

Increasing shared decision making between patients and healthcare providers is one of the key components of the recent focus on patient-centered healthcare. Greater patient engagement benefits all parties involved – why you might ask?

First, the patient feels more empowered with information about their health conditions and possible treatment options and are more likely to follow through on their decisions. At the same time, healthcare providers can improve their quality metrics, as measured by patient outcomes and satisfaction, which can result in cost savings with more desirable reimbursement.

Advancements in technology are facilitating this engagement in the decision making process. For example, data from health trackers for diabetes patients is being integrated into electronic health records, which increases patient accountability, self-management, and allows providers to provide more personalized recommendations.

Additionally, online platforms are being introduced that integrate patient education, outreach, and instructions to improve patient adherence.

The key to better outcomes in the future is enhanced patient access and empowerment.

At Wasson Enterprise, we are always searching for innovative players in this space and the broader health tech arena.



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